Delivery Policy

QARC4Revit is digitally delivered.  

Please note that QARC4Revit requires full Revit, plug-ins cannot be hosted by RevitLT.

When you register you are immediately sent an email, confirming that you have registered.  As a new user, you are now entitled to the Free version of QARC4Revit, at no cost.  Your account is automatically set to an entitlement of having the Free BIM content, and the Basic ARChetype (our template).

The email provides you a link to download the installer for the QARC4Revit plug-in.   When installed, on opening Revit you will be prompted to allow changes, and you will see the QARC4Revit sign-in splash-screen.  Sign-in with your QARC account name (your email address). We recommend ticking the "Remember Me" box, as QARC4Revit will load automatically next time.  You have the option of clicking "Stop" if you prefer QARC4Revit not to load for this session of Revit.  Then a larger splash-screen will appear indicating progress of the loading of the QARC4Revit plug-in, with Done! appearing and the splash-screen disappears.  "QARC" now appears in your Revit menu bar.  That opens a ribbon with icons for the content Browser and ARChetype.  QARC4Revit depends upon closing and opening of Revit so updates are applied.  We recommend on first installation that you close and open again. 

The email after registration also describes in brief the features of QARC4Revit, for the three products, Free, Professional and Premium.   

If you have purchased Professional or Premium, those entitlements are automatically attached to your account.  If you upgrade to these products, your new entitlement will activate on next loading of Revit.  On purchase you are immediately emailed with a confirmation of your purchase and a receipt of that purchase.

QARC4Revit will only run on one computer at a time, per user.  It can be loaded onto multiple computers. 

QARC4Revit is compatible with Revit 2017 and later.